Episode 587: Selling Your Heretical Idea


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Cort Dial talks about the four fields from which business performance can be created. The two common areas that business people often leverage are systems and behaviors. Companies are constantly talking about their systems, programs, and different behaviors. The other two fields of performance are “self,” which is everything that goes inside a human being, and “social,” which is everything that goes on between human beings in an organization.

You can produce extraordinary results without systems, without work in behaviors, but they have to be inspired, and that’s where your heretical idea comes into play. You have to put a big idea in front of them, because once you articulate a big gain and they say, “I want to be part of that,” performance is no longer an issue.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Decipher which field(s) your organization is operating in the most. Here’s how: Draw a grid with four quadrants on a piece of paper that you can carry with you all day. As you move throughout your day, observing people and leadership in meetings, write down actions, conversations, and procedures you witness and assign them to a quadrant: social, self, behaviors, or systems. 99% of all you observe will probably be in systems and behaviors, which is a real shame because the other two fields are where peak performance is achieved.


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