Episode 588: The Five Conditions for Developing Performance


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Cort Dial talks about the five conditions for developing performance. Most people develop their work self-esteem according to the actions and words of their supervisor. No one – a technician in a plant or an elite professional athlete – can ever out perform their self-esteem. As their leader, if you don’t help them cultivate high self-esteem you are limiting their performance––and, by extension, the performance of the entire organization.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Start with creating a sense of belonging. Making your team feel like they belong and are valued can be as simple as finding ways to let them know you appreciate them. Specific statements like, “Do you realize the difference you just made because of XYZ?” or “You’re so great at XYZ. I’m grateful to have someone like you on my team,” builds self-esteem.

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5 Psychological Conditions for Developing Performance
1. Sense of belonging
2. Part of a Big Gain
3. Commitment to and confidence in victory
4. A positive self image
5. Development and personal growth


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