Episode 596: Aligning Your Actions & Values


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Jeff Spadafora talks about how much of the dissatisfaction we feel with our lives comes from a dissonance between our values and our actual lives. It’s different for each person. For some, it might be the mid-life crisis: The red convertible. Quit my job. Trade-up for a trophy wife. Some opt for the big, drastic change, but it’s not for everybody. Often there’s just a subtle discontent with how we are living. That’s the time to get in touch with our values, get clarity on whether we’re living according to those values, then making some strategic, intentional adjustments.

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Get your personal values and theology figured out. Ask yourself and thoroughly dig into the question, “What comes to mind when I think about God?” Many people have vague opinions about God and their faith. But it’s another thing to truly put some effort into thinking about and researching what we believe. Talk to people of different faiths; learn about their traditions and how it’s impacted their life. Start with that question today.

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