Episode 598: Permission to Dream


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Jeff Spadafora talks about giving ourselves permission to dream. Often, people get stuck once they start to dream because they may have a mindset that says, “If a revenue stream doesn’t materialize immediately the dream get’s shut down.” That’s a huge mistake and based in fear. Jeff says you can explore these dreams without quitting your day job. Instead, create the margin to explore your ideas and play them out, a little bit at a time. When you discover your calling, there is usually a way to attach a revenue stream to it. Don’t think you have to go from “quit your job” today to some fantasyland that has no income tomorrow. But, at the same time, don’t shut down dreaming if you can’t see how it will pay the bills by next week.

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Write your answer to the question, “If time, money, and failure were not obstacles what would I do with my life?” Then, when you have the answer, ask yourself, “What are the biggest obstacles in my way and how can I overcome those barriers?”

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