Episode 607: Be Radically Responsible


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Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles talks about our need to be radically responsible for our lives, which is a bridge to getting unstuck. A lot of people feel like they are stuck or feeling stagnant in their lives, or they don’t know that the next step is. But the truth of it is THEY are the only reason why things aren’t moving forward. And it’s because they are not willing to take radical responsibility for every single thing in their life. You are the space for everything that shows up, and if you are attracting circumstances, people and things that are not to your liking, the only thing that gets to shift is you. And once you change how you show up everything changes.

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1 Simple Thing Action

When in a breakdown, ask yourself HOW AM I THE “SPACE” for this to occur? How did I create, allow or perpetuate this?


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