Episode 608: Act Now – Break the Cycle


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Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles say all the theory in the world doesn’t mean anything if you are not willing to put it into play. If you are not prepared to step out of your comfort zone and step into that space of the unknown, you will never have the life of your dreams. You may get knocked down, but you always have to get back up and just be in the game. We are all a product of our patterns and habits, and you get in life what you give to life.

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1 Simple Thing Action

When you find that something keeps surfacing for you (same problem, different people), take yourself through the FREEDOM PROCESS. It keeps resurfacing because you have yet to face off with it and make a new commitment.

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The Freedom Process:
1. Look at the situation, take all your judgment away, and see the neutral event. See the event as the facts not the story. The play-by-play what happened as if you were describing it in court. Without your opinion or judgments, just the facts.
2. What’s the story or meaning that you gave that event?
3. Dissect it down to the feelings that are arising for you because the feelings are byproducts of the story that we tell ourselves.
4. Allowing. This is the part where you allow these feeling to come through. You honor them without letting them take over. Acknowledge the feeling.
5. What is the committed action that you are going to take? That action is an action from a place of radical responsibility.


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