Episode 610: Now or Never


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If you want to lead an ideal life, you must become the best version of yourself. On today’s episode, Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles share exercises, insights, and challenges to help you attain the personal freedom you have always been seeking. Choose your life. It’s now or never. Dave recaps episodes 606-609 where Alexi and Preston share from their book, “Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps.”

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 606: You always have a choice

1 Simple Thing Action:
When you experience suffering, pain, or discomfort, ask yourself, “WHAT AM I RESISTING?” Then you can choose to ALIGN with what is, and make an empowered choice from that place.

Episode 607: Be Radically Responsible

1 Simple Thing Action:
When in a breakdown, ask yourself HOW AM I THE “SPACE” for this to occur? How did I create, allow or perpetuate this?

Episode 608: Act Now – Break the Cycle

1 Simple Thing Action:
When you find that something keeps surfacing for you (same problem, different people), take yourself through the FREEDOM PROCESS. It keeps resurfacing because you have yet to face off with it and make a new commitment.

Episode 609: Own Who You Are

1 Simple Thing Action:
Go after what you REALLY want: it’s not the GOAL you’re after but the FEELING. So reverse engineer each goal and figure out the FEELING you’re looking for and find ways to generate that feeling from where you are RIGHT NOW.


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