Episode 613: Taming your Critical Inner Voice


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Kim Ades talks about taming your critical inner voice, which never stops talking. The voice has an opinion about everything: who we are, others, weather, politics, etc. It’s a constant internal chatter. What’s important is to acknowledge your critical inner voice and recognize that you don’t have to obey it. The critical inner voice will have an opinion, just like anybody has an opinion, but we don’t have to listen to everyone’s opinion. When you tame your critical inner voice and understand its relationship and impact on you, you slowly start to make better choices and take full responsibility for your frame of mind.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Assign the appropriate value to your inner voice. When the inner voice is supporting you, fueling you, and nurturing you, tune into it. When it’s not, just dismiss that critical inner voice.


Kim Ades

  • President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching
  • President of JournalEngine
  • Personal Development and Executive Coach
  • Expert on Thought Management
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Entrepreneur

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