Episode 619: Start Saying No


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Joe Calloway talks about what is often the most powerful step we can take in simplifying our lives: learning to let go and start saying “no.” As a matter of fact saying “no” is the most important part of taking constructive action. Many people might think the opposite – if you are going to get a lot done you need to say “yes” to everything. But if you say “yes” to everything and put everything in the category of being of super-important, then you’ll not get anything done. You’ll flail around in a hundred different directions. Learn what to say “no” to. It frees you to do the most important things, which are the most satisfying, the most productive, and how you make the greatest contribution.

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1 Simple Thing Action

What are three things that you need to let go of, stop doing, or start saying “no” to? Start with these two suggestions: Are there any people you need to let go of or stop hanging out with? And say no to more invitations to social engagements.

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