How To Build a Valuable Network

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Author Derek Coburn talks about how to build a valuable network without attending networking events. Derek’s method is to host an event comprised of a community of people who have a pay it forward mindset and genuinely want to add value for one another. After you have added tons of value for these individuals, after you have made really valuable connections, and after you have been the one who brought people together in a meaningful way, they are going to WANT to help you any way they can.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Make it easy for others who want to help you. For example, if you want someone to introduce you to one of their relationships, create a short, pre-written introduction template that can be copied & pasted easily on an email.

Mentioned In Episode:

CONNECTOR model for building valuable networks

C – Clients

O – Opening doors

N – Nucleate

E – Events

C – Community

T O R – Trigger Ongoing Reciprocation


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