It Really IS Who You Know

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Author Jason Treu says understanding that connection is why we’re here, and belonging is in our DNA. We all need to focus on how do we build extraordinary relationships both in our professional and personal lives. You can’t get there by yourself. We all need people to help us, from marketing to customers, to being an advocate for you and your business. Plus, we all want to create profound and lasting connections with people in our lives. On today’s show, Jason will teach us how to go about the process of building extraordinary relationships.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Take courageous action. Find a couple of events you can attend this week. Maybe it’s a charity, a non-profit like museums, or an interest group like a running group. Just go to two of them this week. Go and just enjoy yourself. Maybe you’ll meet people, maybe you won’t, but just go. If you start taking action and getting out there, it becomes much easier. The hardest step is the first step.


Jason Treu

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