Episode 472: How to Network with Confidence and Strategy

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As a business person you need to think about growing your network; it needs to become one of the focal points of your business life. Kara Ronin says we need to dedicate a certain amount of time every week or every month to growing our network. You should aim to be “the pro” at networking events, and today Kara teaches us how to network with confidence and strategy.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Arrive early to your next networking event and, as people enter the room, start a conversation with them.

Mentioned In Episode

The 7 Networking Archetypes:
1. The Wallflower – This person stays around the edge of the room to avoid talking with others.

2. The Escapist – This person constantly talks, or pretends, to be using the phone to avoid conversation.

3. The Gossiper – This person can’t help talking about others in the room or spreading stories about those in the industry.

4. The Gourmand – This person heads straight for the buffet table and stays there the whole night.

5. The Salesman – This person goes around and hands out business cards to everybody without engaging in conversation.

6. The Rambler – This person talks a lot, and unless you can break away, you will be held hostage all night.

7. The Pro – This person circulates the room with confidence and class. The Pro hands out business cards to a selected few, strikes up engaging conversations, and shares valuable information with others.


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