Episode 225: Communicating and Connecting as Entrepreneurs

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In this modern world of technology and its challenges, it has become increasingly important to communicate more clearly and add an element of humanity to our communications. Kare Anderson is an expert in human connection and communication, and she shares her insights in this recap of Episodes 221-224.

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 221: How to Cut Through The Noise

1 Simple Thing Action:
Use the A.I.R. formula to craft your message, which helps you become more memorable and quotable:

A = Make it Actionable

I = Give it Interestingness

R = Be sure it’s Relevant

Episode 222: Turn More Situations into Opportunities to Cultivate Beneficial Relationships

1 Simple Thing Action:
Seek and speak sooner to a sweet spot of shared interest. “It seems like you’ve brought this up several times.” “I share that interest, we should explore it some more.” Look at where you are and see how you can be helpful to each other.

Episode 223: The Power of Connection

1 Simple Thing Action:
Understand yourself and recognize your top talent and temperament so you can identify those with complementary talents and temperaments.

Episode 224: Attract Smarter Support Sooner

1 Simple Thing Action:
Develop a mindset that causes you to understand what your top mission or goal is in life, and then deeply listen to the goals and concerns of others. As you say things out loud, look for ways to be helpful to others as well as yourself.


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