Episode 251: Help Them Love What They Hate

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Author Kerry Patterson talks about mastering the skill of personal motivation of each person in your company. When you become a successful influencer in your business, it results in satisfied and productive employees. Kerry says that the single best predictor of your job as a supervisor is frequency of interaction. Sit down and talk to your employees.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Sit down and interview employees about their job satisfaction. Ask them what they like and don’t like. Just sitting down and asking questions is a huge motivator for most people.

Mentioned In Episode:

3 Sources of Motivation:

  1. Intrinsic motivation: Do I take personal satisfaction in what I do
  2. Social: How are the company culture and social interactions motivating people?
  3. Reward system: Is the form of the reward system working to motivate in the right direction?


Kerry Patterson

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