Episode 254: Building an Environment for Success

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Author Kerry Patterson talks about how to foster and maximize a pleasant and effective working environment within your company, organization, or small group. Kerry says that form follows function. Change their space by identifying what you are trying to achieve, and then look at the design that will get you there.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Change Their Space. Look at ways you can arrange your workspace to create an atmosphere of collaboration and positive energy. As you look at the problem, also take a look at the 6 Sources of Influence chart. Is there something I can do by changing the office space? Or by changing policy or procedure, tools, etc.? Evaluate how each of the six areas on the chart can help you correct problems or build a more effective team and workplace.

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6 Sources of Influence Chart:

(image source from http://sourcesofinsight.com/six-sources-of-influence/)


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