Episode 302: Creating Lasting Change

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To create lasting change, we must have the motivation to change and also the ability to change. Kerry Patterson warns of what he calls “the willpower trap.” It’s the trap of thinking willpower alone is enough to create lasting change. At some level, you might succeed in the short term, but over the long run you won’t be able to keep it up. Instead, what we need is a desire to change, combined with a cohesive strategy to apply the proper skills required for long-term success.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Keep a log of what upsets you. Identify trigger points. What went on when you made that bad choice and was there a skill required to overcome that problem? Record it. Identify it. And deal with it differently next time.

Mentioned In Episode:

Six Sources of Influence

Source 1 – Personal Motivation – whether you want to do it.

Source 2 – Personal Ability – whether you can do it.

Source 3 – Social Motivation – whether other people encourage the right behaviors.

Source 4 – Social Ability – whether other people provide help, information or resources.

Source 5 – Structural Motivation – whether the environment encourages the right behaviors.

Source 6 – Structural Ability – whether the environment supports the right behaviors.

Six Sources Of Influence


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