Episode 477: Make Decisions Without Self-Sabotage

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Most decisions we make are non-conscious. For example, you get an email, and you just click on it. We make hundreds and hundreds of decisions every day without any awareness whatsoever, and that’s a good thing because our brain knows what has to happen around us. And 97-99% of the time it’s doing a pretty good job.

But then there are the bigger, more impactful decisions that are very conscious. Buy a new house, change jobs, or start a new business are decisions that fall in that category. Those kinds of decisions are very hard to navigate when they bump up against our fear of change and begin to inspire self-sabotage. In this episode, Kevin Hogan guides us through self-sabotage and how to make decisions in a conscious, practical way that helps us get past our fear of change.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Next time you find yourself making a decision, ask yourself this question to uncover whether you may be self-sabotaging, “Is this what I do historically that screws me up? Or am I doing this because it’s the smart thing to do?” Pause and write out the answer to that question.


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