Episode 306: Stop Sabotaging Your Productivity

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Author Maura Thomas explains that focus is like a muscle; the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. The problem is our typical daily behavior weakens our focus muscle because we’re constantly distracted. And the more constantly distracted we are, the shorter our attention span and ability to focus becomes.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Work your “focus muscle.” When you are constantly distracted, quiet, focused times will feel unnatural, and you’ll have a tendency to seek the comfort zone of distraction. Set a timer for 10 minutes free from distraction. Gradually increase the time until you are comfortable staying focused and undistracted for an hour or more. You can use guided meditations apps and practice being still.

Mentioned In Episode:

Buddhify.com: award-winning mindfulness and meditation app for iOS & Android

Calm.com: a free web app for mini-relaxation sessions


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