Episode 486: The Danger of Negative Conversations

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Michelle Gielan talks about getting caught in negative conversations. What is your response to problems? How do you talk about them in a way that leaves people feeling empowered and ready to take forward action?

It’s not that you want to ignore the negative. Rather, it’s about putting the brain in a positive place to perceive stress, and other significant issues in our lives that are not positive, in a more empowered state, both for us and those around us.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Start with the Power Lead. Be proactive and begin a conversation with something positive and meaningful. Find 1-3 other opportunities to use the Power Lead in encounters with people you might otherwise fall into the trap of a negative conversation. There are different ways to make it your own, so experiment and remember that creating social connections that is the greatest predictor of long-term levels of happiness. Fuel the positive in your conversations and you’re also fueling your success at the same time.


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