Episode 487: Dealing with Negative People

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Michelle Gielan talks about dealing with negative people. It’s important to remember that they might not even realize their behavior, so our efforts to redirect their negative behavior is as important for them as it is for us. The key is to do it in a very systematic way that creates a trajectory of positive experiences.

We have incredible power to influence people, even though we may not realize it. Many times we think, “I can’t change other people.” But we can have an incredible effect on others when we decide to show up and be intentional about our interactions.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Take a Strategic Retreat. When dealing with a negative person, it’s totally proper to feel like you need to take a little break. Take five minutes (or whatever you need) and withdraw yourself from that negative person or situation. Then, while you are taking that break, plan what Michelle calls your “2-minute drill.” Figure out what your 2-minute interaction is going to be with them next time to reset the social script to positive.


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