Episode 488: How to Move Past “Stressed and Stuck”

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Author Michelle Gielan says if we’re feeling stressed or negative about something, it means we have a story in our mind about that situation. And that story that’s making us feel negative or stressed is not serving us well. In any given moment we can pull a full range of facts from our environment and our memory. The question then becomes, “What is my brain focusing on at that moment?”

Michelle says we should “fact check” these memories and emotions. Are your memories correct? Do they tell the complete story? Are there other memories you can think about that will help you reframe that story? If a story is not working for you and is stressing you out, fact check it and make sure you have the right set of facts that can help move you forward.

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Fact check your story. We’re habitual, so we tend to come up with the same basic stories over and over. Write down on a piece of paper the situation that has you stuck or stressed, then do the 3 Steps of Fact Checking (listed below.) If you can fact check it on paper, the next time the same stress or challenge comes up you’ve already done the work, you can refer to the same paper and save yourself the time and frustration.

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Fact Checking in Three Steps
1. Write down the stressful thought. Try to get it down to one sentence.
2. Come up with a list of facts that support that story. These are facts from your environment that show you that this story is true.
3. Try to create a new list of resources, wins, successes, connections, and skills you have…anything good that you can leverage to overcome this challenge and be successful. This new list will help you illuminate a new story which calms your brain down, makes you feel good, and helps you move forward.


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