Episode 489: Why It’s Important to Recharge Yourself

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Author Michelle Gielan says we all need to fill our own positive bucket before we can give it out to others. Often we ask, “Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full?” Ultimately it doesn’t matter if have a whole pitcher full of water right next to you. If you have a leak in it, it will be empty soon. So fill your pitcher. Make sure to take time out from your workday to go for a walk or get coffee with somebody and give yourself a chance to have a social connection with others.

Vacations without a doubt are one of the best ways you can spend your energy. The key is to get your mind away from the typical day-to-day. The more we find activities we love, the more we can be in the “flow moment” while we’re experiencing it.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Savor before and after. Savoring is a happiness multiplier for vacations. Plan your vacation at least thirty days in advance. Then, ahead of time, anticipate the upcoming vacation. Sit at dinner with your family talking about the cool things you’re going to do. Make a list together of some of the experiences you might have. Get into the planning and the excitement ahead of time.

To savor it after, you can make your vacation photos the screensaver on your computer to remind you of the happy moments with your loved ones, or have a themed party and invite all your friends.


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