Episode 497: Building the Trust of Communication

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Michelle Reina talks about how trust of communication is what defines “how” we are going to talk with one another. Relationships are hard. Trust is not a linear process, and there are going to be times when it will become compromised, for no other reason than we are human beings. When dealing with others, all of us will trip up and make mistakes. When there is trust in our communication we can talk about those errors, and we can leverage them for the learning and the insights they have to offer us.

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1 Simple Thing Action

When you have a problem or concern with someone, talk to that person directly with the highest intention to work the issue through.

Mentioned In Episode

6 Behaviors That Build Trust of Communication:
1. Share information
2. Tell the truth
3. Admit mistakes
4. Maintain confidentiality
5. Give and take constructive feedback
6. Speak with good purpose


Michelle Reina

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