Episode 365: Leading with Intention

You can become a better leader. Learn to lead with intention with Mindy Hall. Click Here to get instant access. "Leading with Intention: Every Moment Is a Choice" by Mindy Hall

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Dave shares his thoughts based on his conversation this week with Dr. Mindy Hall.  Leadership doesn’t happen by accident; it happens because you take the time to know who you are and how you want to lead. Others won’t just “get it,” you have to present who you are and lead with intention.

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 361: Notice Yourself

1 Simple Thing Action:
Leaders should ask themselves this question as they begin building their intentionality: “Why do you do the work you do?” Answer in no more than 7-10 words. Identify the words you want to live by. Then ask yourself how that philosophy shows up in your actions and whether there is more you can do to bring those words to life.

Episode 362: Choose Your Impact

1 Simple Thing Action:
“The 2+2” Before each meeting you go into, answer two questions for yourself: “What two questions do I want to ask?” “What two things do I want to contribute?” The simple act of being clear in your own mind about your intentions helps you come across as more grounded, clear, and transparent.

Episode 363: Managing the Story of You

1 Simple Thing Action:
“The Rule of Three” First, determine three messages about yourself you’d like others to know. Second, identify three people you want to hear those messages. Third, choose three actions you will take to make this possible.

Episode 364: Shaping a Culture or Letting Culture Shape You

1 Simple Thing Action:
Model behavior. The number one way culture is shaped is by what leaders model, so be intentional about the behavior you’re modeling. People listen much more to what you do than what you say, so be sure your words match your actions.


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