Episode 245: Cage The Tiger of Stress

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Stress is the silent but dangerous enemy of our modern lives. Many of our physical, relationship, and emotional problems have stress as their root cause. Dr. Pete Sulack says it’s time to start treating the disease instead of the symptoms. He gives great tips and strategies from his book, “Unhealthy Anonymous: Exposing the Greatest Threat to Your Health and Happiness” on this recap of episodes 241-244.

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 241: Put Your Stress To Sleep

1 Simple Thing Action:

  • A good day’s work starts with a good night’s sleep.
  • Melatonin production peaks at 10 pm, so the closer to that hour you can call it quits, the better.
    • Give yourself a “no technology zone” in the bedroom.
      Turn off phones and tablets an hour before retiring.
    • Read a book, listen to music, talk with your partner, meditate; give that left brain a rest so you can unwind and sleep.
  • Keep it cool. Optimal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 68 degrees.
  • Keep it dark. Your pineal gland senses light even when your eyes are closed. Light interferes with melatonin production and disrupts sleep. Invest in “blackout” draperies so you can sleep longer.

Episode 242: start your day well fed

1 Simple Thing Action:

  • Don’t eat junk for breakfast.
  • Make sure you get enough protein and not too much caffeine.
  • Pack your lunch the night before, or know when and where you will eat lunch to avoid mid-day disasters that you will pay for by “crashing” in the afternoon.
  • Keep healthful snacks in your desk to avoid dips in blood sugar and temptations to eat poorly.
  • Highly processed carbohydrates and sugars cause you to be fragile and tense, not resilient.

Episode 243: start your day well-toned

1 Simple Thing Action:

  • Exercise is a stress-reliever. Just twenty minutes will calm you down.
  • Exercise feeds your brain with BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor) which makes you smarter and sharper.
  • Exercise activates happy hormones, elevating mood and making you more resilient.
  • Adding two minutes of moderate activity each hour during your “sitting” day will not only break the stress pattern, but research shows it may make you live longer.

Episode 244: start your day well balanced

1 Simple Thing Action:

  • You will burn out if all you do is work.
  • Keep a balance between your work, your family, your community, and your own needs.
  • Keep balanced physically with movement and exercise, good nutrition, and adequate sleep.
  • Keep balanced spiritually by taking time to enjoy spiritual pursuits and time in nature.
  • A person who is well balanced is more resilient in the face of stress, and is a pleasure to work with.


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