Episode 408: Shift Your Circle of Influence


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Bestselling author Peter Voogd talks about why you must shift your circle of influence in order to reach the level of success you want. Having the proper circle of influence elevates your standards, while having the wrong circle of influence will pull you away from your ultimate goals in life. As difficult as it sounds, the reality is you have to evaluate those with whom you surround yourself, and if you want to elevate your income then you must elevate who you associate with.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Create a make it or break list. Evaluate your top 5 people that are your maintenance friends, and the top 5 people that are your growth friends you want to connect with. Raise the time you spend with your growth friends and lower the time you spend with your maintenance friends.

Mentioned In Episode

The 6 must, or 6 cornerstones, in Peter Voogd’s book Six Months to Six Figures.

1. Absolute Clarity

2. Increasing your Confidence account

3. Shift your Circle of influence

4. Focus on Consistency

5. Create intentional result rituals

6. Continual growth and learning


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