Episode 410: Six Months to Six Figures


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Most people just talk about success, wish they had success, but never take the necessary action consistently to achieve it. They spend year after year just trying to get by vs. designing a compelling future. Peter Voogd wants to bring you off the sidelines and into the game. He wants you to enjoy higher levels of fulfillment, more passion and energy, and results very few attain. It’s time to stop surviving, and start thriving.

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 406: How to Get Absolute Clarity

1 Simple Thing Action:
Figure out your ideal outcome and reverse engineer. Ask yourself, “What is my ideal outcome in six months?”Get that clear and reverse engineer it. What does your business look like? What does your team look like? How much money are you making? Then break the 6-month goals down to 90 day challenges. Then break it down even further to your top 3 focuses for the month, for 2nd month and 3rd month. The first step is clarity and then reverse engineer what’s ideal in 6 months.

Episode 407: Go Against The Grain (Mastery vs. Overload)

1 Simple Thing Action:
Figure out what makes you unique and differentiate instead of comparing yourself to others. Write down 5-10 things that make you different than most people. Don’t have limitations. STOP overloading yourself with so much information, personal growth, and advice. Instead focus on the 1% that’s congruent to your clearly defined goals. Figure out what makes you different then focus on information you know is intentional and congruent to your end results.

Episode 408: Shift Your Circle of Influence

1 Simple Thing Action:
Create a make it or break list. Evaluate your top 5 people that are your maintenance friends, and the top 5 people that are your growth friends you want to connect with. Raise the time you spend with your growth friends and lower the time you spend with your maintenance friends.

Episode 409: Now Matters

1 Simple Thing Action:
Ask yourself 3 questions every morning: “What am I grateful for?” “What I am committing to make happen no matter what?” And, “What am I excited about?” Truly successful people wake up every day and focus on what they want, focus on being grateful, focus on what they are excited about, and focus on actually getting results that are intentional. Doing this for a couple of days will give you the motivation, the momentum, and the progress you’ll need to continue going forward. So wake up with passion, energy, and excitement.


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