Episode 401: Become a Time Multiplier


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Rory Vaden talks about the problem with most time management strategies…that prioritizing doesn’t create more time. You can’t solve today’s time management problems with yesterday’s time management thinking. The old way of thinking only fosters an inappropriate amount of weight on urgency – what matters now – which then puts us in a state of stress from the start. Rory introduces a new, innovative concept of learning how to “multiply your time” today, and create even more time for you tomorrow.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Make a list of things that will multiply your time (i.e. Things that you can spend time on today that will create more time tomorrow) The first step is just ask yourself that question; “What are the things I can do today that would create more time tomorrow?” And just make a list. Many of them will be ideas you’ve had in the past, you’ve just never been able to find the time to get around to do it because you are always inappropriately focused on the urgent things. And now you’re going to give yourself the permission to do them, because when you make the significance calculation you understand that they are more valuable.

Mentioned In Episode

R = Return
O = On
T = Time
I = Invested


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