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Rory Vaden talks about the segments of the “Focus Funnel”: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, and Concentrate. The Focus Funnel guides you in multiplying your time for the long term and also helps you focus on whatever your next most significant priority is. Multipliers realize that 70% done by someone else today is better than 100% done by me, and anything that you can create a process for today saves you time tomorrow.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Calculate your MVOT (Money Value of Time). You are always paying somebody to do a task. You are either paying somebody else at their rate of pay, or you are paying yourself at yours. So take the total amount of money you’ve made, divide it by the number of hours that you’ve worked, and you will come up with your hourly rate of pay. Then if you can pay somebody a lesser amount of money to do that task, let them do it. Then you spend that time focusing on others.

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The Focus Funnel segments and what they represent:

Top wide area/Mouth of the Funnel is Eliminate: Is the first part. Eliminate is where we have the widest swath of opportunity to create margin in our lives. Eliminate is one of big areas of emotional management that must take place, the choice or strategy to eliminate is the logical choice, but it is the emotional discussion that is really the key because most of us hate saying “NO” and we don’t like letting people down and we have this fear of saying “NO”. So what happens is we try to go through life without saying “NO” and so we end up saying “YES” to all sorts of things.

Middle of the Funnel is Automate: The permission to automate is the permission to invest the time and the money today to create a process that will save you time tomorrow. Automation is to your time exactly what compounding interest is to your money. The same thing is true any time you create a system today, tomorrow that system is going to take care of it, I am getting a Return On Time Invested (R.O.T.I.)

Bottom of the Funnel is Delegate: Most entrepreneurs do not delegate for fear that others could not do it as well as they can. That is true once, maybe twice, maybe 5 times, but this is only true if you are living inside the paradigm of one day. When you make the significance calculation and you start thinking longer term it becomes obvious that if you can learn how to do it, this other person can learn how to do it too. As a matter of fact if they did it 5 or 10 times they would be able to do it better because they would have less additional tasks and have more specialization. Multipliers realize that 70% done by someone else today is better than 100% done by me.

If a task cannot be eliminated, automated, or delegated, then that task drops out the bottom of the Focus Funnel. And at that point there’s only one question remaining, because now you know you have a task that must be done, and it must be done by you. So the only remaining question is; “Should I do this task now, or can this task wait until later?” If the task should be done now, if it cannot wait until later, then that is not eliminate, automate, or delegate, that’s what we call “Concentrate”. Concentrate is the emotional permission to protect. This is the whole conversation around “Focus”. This is turning off your email and closing your door so you can focus on whatever your next most significant priority is.


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