Episode 275: How to Create Distinction

Scott McKain shows you how to create distinction in a crowded world. Click here now. "Create Distinction: What to Do When ''Great'' Isn't Good Enough to Grow Your Business" by Scott McKain

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Today’s marketplace is crowded. Customers are being deluged with ads and requests for their time and attention. It’s easy for your business to get lost in the crowd. Today we share valuable advice from author Scott McKain based on his book, “Create Distinction: What to Do When ”Great” Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business.”

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 271: Let’s Get Clarity

1 Simple Thing Action:
Create a “High Concept” clarity statement. How do you describe what you do so powerfully, so compellingly, so briefly, that you can convey it in 6 seconds? “This is who we are this is what we do.”

Episode 272: The POWER of Creativity

1 Simple Thing Action:
Make a list of your customer’s points of contact with your business, and then Identify ONE action you could do differently from the competition — and do it!

Episode 273: How to Tell Your Story

1 Simple Thing Action:
Craft a story about how your product, service — or you — have made a positive impact on a customer. Look at it through the lens of a client you have successfully served. What’s your heroic resolution? Tell it through the lens of the customer.

Episode 274: Design Your Ideal Customer Experience

1 Simple Thing Action:
Make a list of what each step of the customer experience would be if it were performed exactly right (from the customer’s perspective). Begin that list by answering the question, “If everything went exactly right, what would that be like?” After you make that list, the second step is to say, “What do we have to do make it work out that way? Are there old policies or procedures we have to eliminate? Are there changes we need to make in terms of the design of the experience?” The goal is to create the ultimate customer experience for every customer or prospect every single time.


Scott McKain

  • Global authority on creating business distinction
  • Hall of Fame keynote speaker
  • “Top 10 Business Books of Year” author
  • Founder and CEO of Distinction Institute
  • Coach

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