Episode 375: Mind Hacking

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Your brain is like a computer. It’s like the central processing unit for your body, mind, emotions…everything you are and do. And just like a computer, sometimes we need to change the programming to get the results we’re looking for. On today’s show, Dave recaps episodes 371-374 where Sir John Hargrave shares proven hacks that can help you change the way you think and make you more productive, positive, and happier.

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 371: Develop Jedi Focus

1 Simple Thing Action:
Practice John’s “Jedi Concentration Exercises.” Spend 15-20 minutes in the morning and keep your concentration focused on your breath. When you notice your mind wandering, award yourself a point. Instead of getting down on yourself when you lose focus, make a game out of it and reward yourself whenever you realize your mind is wandering, and you return your attention back to your breath. These exercises are super effective at helping you develop a regular mindfulness or concentration practice.

Episode 372: Crack Down on Distractions

1 Simple Thing Action:
The One-Hour Investment. Make a commitment today to spend one hour shutting down all the digital notification distractions. Turn them all off. That one hour is an investment that’s going to payoff with improved productivity, less stress, and more happiness.

Episode 373: Crank Up Your Confidence

1 Simple Thing Action:
Create a system to help you remind yourself of the positive thoughts you are inserting into your life. It’s easy to stick with it for a day or two, but then you have to find a way to make those positive thoughts stick. Try writing it down every day, Post-it notes, or other ways of embedding these new loops within your life, so you’re constantly reminded of them over the long term.

Episode 374: Create a Dynamic Future

1 Simple Thing Action:
Run a mental simulation of the goal you want to achieve. Think about where you want to end up, then reverse engineer it back to the present day. Think about all of the problems you might run into as you try to achieve that goal, and think about how you are going to get around those problems. See yourself successfully conquering obstacles and achieving your goals.


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