Episode 465: Stop building castles on sand

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Steve Rodgers says, ultimately, that we have to know what our “Why” is. “Why are you doing this?” Knowing your “Why” creates the foundation for what you are building. There’s typically a higher meaning and purpose as to why people want to have more money and that’s because they want to do something with it. There’s a “Why.”

But when we don’t build our lives or business on the firm foundation of a clear, passionate purpose, then we’re building castles on sand. And when you don’t know the basis of why you started in the first place, it can make you feel very empty and cause your castle to collapse. You must begin your journey with the firm foundation of a robust and passionate reason why.

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1 Simple Thing Action

What do you want your personal legend to be? Beyond the goals, the money, or the businesses you are trying to create, keep in mind what you believe your higher purpose or personal legend are now, and what they can be. Once you discover and stay focused on your legend, you’ll find out much quicker how to keep the fuel going when the days are tough.


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