Episode 424: Success Habits for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship can be exciting. It can also be stressful, frustrating and full of challenges. Most entrepreneurs begin with a dream of financial freedom, but often the reality fails to match the expectations.

The good news is, the problems you face are common to most–if not all–entrepreneurs. In fact, if you study the lives of successful people, you’ll find that regardless of industry, they encounter the same challenges you face and found a way to overcome them. Their secret? They focused on building specific daily habits.

On today’s episode, we talk with author Steve Scott about the power of habit development and show how to use it to overcome your specific challenges.

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Look at everything you need to get done, turn it into some form of good habit and eliminate the one’s that preventing you from doing what you should. Instead of trying to focus on the negative, make it a positive statement. Instead of “what I need to break,” try to substitute it with a new habit. That way you’re not focused on what you are losing. Instead, you’re focusing on what you are trying to gain.

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The FIVE Challenges that Hold Back Many Entrepreneurs:

1. Failing to achieve professional goals – A lot of time people do not clarify exactly what they want or are not getting the certain results. Understand what your market needs focus on your customers and give them what they want.

2. Not getting things done – Taking everything you need to do and chunking it down into smaller steps, and take those frequent breaks, to find those high energy moments to focus on the bigger picture stuff.

3. Increasing competition – No matter what marketplace you are in there’s always going to be competition. You have to grow your business and grow yourself as a person. Commit to the idea of improving your business and yourself.

4. Poor business relationships – It’s easy to let relationships atrophy. You’re not going out and building connections. Reach out in your industry and find out how to help each other. And it’s okay to say No if something doesn’t perfectly align with your goals.

5. Stress and burnout – Free yourself from the day-to-day stuff and getting out more, seeing nature and getting regular exercise and find a way to reduce the stress in your life. Program and schedule “fun” into your day.

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