Episode 425: Better Habits, Better Life

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We all would like to stop procrastinating. We’d all like to develop better habits that create a more productive day and a better life. But, despite our best intentions, those habits won’t magically appear. The only way to develop the powerful habits you want is to have a plan. Today, Dave recaps episodes 421-424 where Steve Scott shared tips for creating powerful habits.

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Episode 421: How to Stop Procrastinating

1 Simple Thing Action:
Take any project you are facing and write down every possible step. If you put everything into an actual strategy and just focus on doing those few tasks, you’ll find, as you chip away, that a goal is entirely doable.

Episode 422: Level Up Your Day

1 Simple Thing Action:
Streamline your routine decisions. Try to find those small areas where you are wasting your time and just find a way to systematize it. The more you can do to eliminate a lot of the clutter and stress in your life the more you can systematize it the easier life will be.

Episode 423: Breaking Bad Habits

1 Simple Thing Action:
Start with a small bad habit just to get in the mindset that you can overcome. Pick one you don’t like that you do, but it’s not the end of the world if you stop or start it. For example: breaking the habit of looking at your cell phone after 8:00 PM. Build some habit breaking momentum in your life, so you know how the process works, then go from there.

Episode 424: Success Habits for Entrepreneurs

1 Simple Thing Action:
Look at everything you need to get done, turn it into some form of good habit and eliminate the one’s that preventing you from doing what you should. Instead of trying to focus on the negative, make it a positive statement. Instead of “what I need to break,” try to substitute it with a new habit. That way you’re not focused on what you are losing. Instead, you’re focusing on what you are trying to gain.


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