Episode 227: How to Work a Room Like a Boss!

Susan RoAne literally wrote the book on meeting and networking with new people. Let her show you how. Click here to get your copy! How to Work a Room, 25th Anniversary Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Making Lasting Connections--In Person and Online by Susan RoAne

On Today’s Show

Author Susan RoAne talks about how “working a room” is a different skill than being a good networker. Working a room is really socializing, circulating, mingling and engaging. Susan teaches that before you even go to an event, you should have conversation planned and backup topics that can make you more confident.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Start reading the paper (all sections), content curators, blogs and anywhere else you can access to stay up to date on the latest conversation points. Then plan 3-5 items for conversation. When you have something specific to the day, time, or the local area you are in, you’re even more interesting. It’s 5 minutes of your time that prepares you to feel more comfortable.

Mentioned In Episode:

Susan RoAne, “The Secrets of Savvy Networking: How to Make the Best Connections for Business and Personal Success”

The Week

Susan RoAne, “What Do I Say Next?: Talking Your Way to Business and Social Success”

Go Anywhere With Your “OAR” to Paddle Your Way Through Any Conversation:

O = Offer an observation

A = Asking questions

R = Reveal your thoughts, ideas, or opinions


Susan RoAne

  • Business Networking Keynote Speaker
  • International Bestselling Author
  • F2F Communication Expert
  • Mentor and Coach
  • One of Forbes’ Top 25 Networking Experts
  • Self-Described Mingling Maven®

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