Episode 230: How To Work a Room

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We’ve all been to a convention or party where we are surrounded by strangers. Susan RoAne shares tips for overcoming the roadblocks that prevent us from communicating freely and comfortably with strangers and working a room with confidence.

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 226: How to Talk to Strangers

1 Simple Thing Action:
RSVP to events. ADD them to your calendar. INTEND to show up. (Develop a reputation for follow through.) Go into events with an “ask and receive mentality.” Others can be a link to tremendous possibilities, and we can respond by offering them opportunities as well.

Episode 227: How to Work a Room Like a Boss!

1 Simple Thing Action:
Start reading the paper (all sections), content curators, blogs and anywhere else you can access to stay up to date on the latest conversation points. Then plan 3-5 items for conversation. When you have something specific to the day, time, or the local area you are in, you’re even more interesting. It’s 5 minutes of your time that prepares you to feel more comfortable.

Episode 228: The BEST Way to Introduce Yourself

1 Simple Thing Action:
Prepare an appropriate self-introduction using these 3 Self-Introduction Components:
1. Prepare a 7 to 9-second self-introduction that is an engaging pleasantry.
2. Linked to the event you are at.
3. Don’t give your title, give the benefit of what you do.

Episode 229: Get IN and OUT Of Conversations Graciously

1 Simple Thing Action:
3 Ways to Exit the Conversation Graciously:

Exit Method #1
1. Interrupt yourself
2. Summarized what you talked about – ask for a card or offer a card.
3. Walk 3/4 of the room away over to another group or person.

Exit Method #2
1. Interrupt yourself
2. Stay positive and mannerly.
3. Walk 3/4 of the room away over to another group or person.

Exit Method #3
1. Interrupt yourself
2. Introduce the person to someone you recognize.
3. Walk 3/4 of the room away over to another group or person.


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