Episode 438: See Feedback In a New Way

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Author Tara Mohr says there is a link between the criticism that most hurts us and the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves. Likewise, there’s a relationship between the praise we most seek and the things that our insecurities tell us. So it’s not so much the “words” as it is how we attach them to what we already feeling inside. The story tends to be about us.

One of the most powerful ways we can have a more useful relationship to praise and criticism is always to look at feedback and say, “What does that tell me about the person, or the people, giving the feedback?” Remember that feedback always shows you information about the person giving the feedback and it doesn’t necessarily tell you information about yourself.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Realize that all great work brings praise and criticism. And when you receive feedback always ask, “What does this tell me about the person giving the feedback? And how can I use that information about that person to work more effectively with them.

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