Episode 439: Getting Wise About Fear

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Author Tara Mohr reminds us that, when we are starting to play bigger in our lives or careers, we will have to make some courageous decisions in line with our dreams and aspirations. And that’s when fear is going to come knocking. When we try to eliminate fear or somehow leapfrog over our fear that sets up unrealistic expectations and is unfair to ourselves.

Instead, we want to get wise about what fear is, and what do we do when it comes up. Tara gives us a primer on the two kinds of fear in our lives and gives us the tools to identify what kind of fear we are facing.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Savor yirah, and shift out of pachad. Notice when you are feeling afraid, which type of fear you are experiencing. If it’s yirah, savor it. If it’s pachad, get curious or connect into an energy of love – and/or the other 15 tools outlined in the book – to move away from it.

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Mentioned In Episode

2 Types of Fear:

Pachad – The fear of projected things or imagined things. An irrational over-reactive fear that overtakes us and paralyzes us to something we project or imagined.

Yirah – Defined in 3 different ways:

1. Used to describe the feeling that we feel when we are suddenly inhabiting a larger space than we’re used to being in.

2. This is the feeling we feel when we suddenly come into possession of more energy than we normally have.

3. This is the term that’s used to describe the feeling that we feel in the presence of the devine.


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