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Focus…what we pay attention to.  It’s a powerful weapon that can push us forward in terms of success, happiness and contentment.  On today’s episode Kim Ades talks about the importance of widening our scope to notice the opportunities and possibilities that are presented to us daily. When our focus changes, it changes our outlook into a more positive one that will attract positive results in our lives.

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 1 Simple Thing Action:

Notice what’s good and right in your world and voice it. Write it down, tell it to someone, make it known. Notice what is working in your life, share it with others and make a statement out of it. Voicing the good in our lives cements what’s good and right and begins to change our perspective.


Kim Ades


  • President and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching
  • President of JournalEngine
  • Personal development coach
  • Expert on thought management
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Entrepreneur

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