Episode 445: Connect and prosper in a Mastermind

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A mastermind can be one of the most useful tools in helping you to achieve the level of success you dream of. On today’s show, Tom Schwab shares how to connect and prosper in a mastermind from his wealth of experience over the years in being part of some very prominent mastermind groups.

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Episode 441: Masterminds 101

1 Simple Thing Action:
Watch Napoleon Hill’s 10-minute mastermind video on YouTube.


Episode 442: The Benefits of a Mastermind

1 Simple Thing Action:
Intentionally expose yourself to new (sometimes uncomfortable) ideas. Move out of your comfort zone. Do something that is uncomfortable that you normally wouldn’t have done. Reach out to someone you may not normally reach out to and try to connect with them. Expose yourself to new ideas, because that where growth comes from.

Episode 443: How to find or create a Mastermind

1 Simple Thing Action:
Preview Dan Miller’s Course on Udemy, “How To Start A Mastermind Group To Create The Work You Love.” Or visit Dan Miller’s website, “How To Create Your Own Mastermind Group.” Or Introduce the concept to everyone you talk with for the next week.

Episode 444: Tools for a Digital Mastermind

1 Simple Thing Action:
Take action today and set up a weekly video call with 3 to 5 like-minded people via Zoom.us – a free service. Try all the free tools that are readily available online, and for 45 minutes you can talk and connect with people. That can be an effective way to start the groundwork for a mastermind.


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