Top 10 of 2015 – Number 3 – Derek Coburn

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We’re counting down the top 10 episodes of 2015 on the 1 Simple Thing podcast. Today is number 3 on the list. Episode 312: Networking 3.0. We hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays!

Author Derek Coburn helps us upgrade our networking efforts to what he calls “Networking 3.0.” Instead of handing out business cards and looking to benefit yourself, Derek teaches a change of mindset constantly places the focus on your existing clients, and people in your network. In Networking 3.0 you are always mindful of and spotting those win-win connections that would benefit them, not you when you are meeting new people at events.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Focus your networking efforts on helping your existing network, not yourself or the person you are meeting for the first time. Learn from your clients and existing network the keywords and buzz phrases that their ideal customers would use. When you recognize an opportunity, either online or at an event, you can be proactive and make that valuable connection immediately.


Derek Coburn

  • Co-founder of Cadre
  • Catalyst for connecting remarkable people
  • Author
  • Speaker

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