What Does it Take to Change?

Let Kerry Patterson show you how to change anything. Click here to get your copy. "Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success" by Kerry Patterson

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If you’ve tried and failed to create lasting change in your life, it might be because you have relied primarily on willpower. And willpower will consistently let us down. Instead, Kerry Patterson has made a career of studying the science required to make lasting change. Today Dave Kirby recaps his conversations with Kerry on Episodes 301-304 and shares some thoughts about what he’s learned.

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 301: Willpower is Not Enough

1 Simple Thing Action:
Ask yourself the question; “What are the forces out there that are driving me to continue my bad habit?” Start logging the circumstances, influences, and forces that are moving you in the wrong direction. Be mindful of these subtle triggers so you’ll know how to guard against them.

Episode 302: Creating Lasting Change

1 Simple Thing Action:
Keep a log of what upsets you. Identify trigger points. What went on when you made that bad choice and was there a skill required to overcome that problem? Record it. Identify it. And deal with it differently next time.

Episode 303: Overcoming Bad Habits

1 Simple Thing Action:
Look at the physical world around you and how it is influencing you, because once you create those changes they become lasting.

Episode 304: How to Change Anything

1 Simple Thing Action:
Admit to the fact that you are currently blind and outnumbered. Admit to the fact that you have fallen into the motivation trap. Then seek the proper skills and strategies you need to truly create lasting change.


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