You Had to Be There

Northern lights over a camp north of the Arctic Circle, October 2014 Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

I bought an iPad Mini. It cost me over $400 with tax. It was great for a while. I watched movies on it, played games, surfed the net. I even tried to do work on it, but it’s not really conducive to most of what I do.  The problem is that I got an iPhone 6 Plus. The one with the big screen. Now I watch movies on that. And that $400 iPad just sits in my bag. It sits there so long I have to pull it out and charge it every once in a while so the battery won’t be dead if I need it.

This story from The Atlantic is one of many I’ve seen recently on the advantages of investing in experiences rather than objects. Like James Altucher says, “…new things go away. But experiences I can anticipate, I can enjoy, and I can remember. Trifecta!”

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