Episode 170: Starting a Successful Business in Under 90 Days?

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Author Jim Beach talks about the myths and truths of what it takes to start a successful business, based on his book, “School for Startups: The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less”

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Jim Beach Episode 166: Entrepreneurship is NOT about creativity

1 Simple Thing Action:
Find your next business on Google! Go to www.Google.com and type in:
“Business ideas under $500”
“Business ideas under five hundred dollars”
“Free business ideas”
“Business models under $500”
You will see thousands of websites that will give away great business models and tell you everything you need to do to go start a successful business.

Jim Beach Episode 167: Entrepreneurship is NOT about risk

1 Simple Thing Action:
Consider that risk is bad, for skydivers! Change your mind set to realize that entrepreneurship CAN be about risk but it does not HAVE to be about risk. Just get clear today with the idea that you CAN start a business where it does not imperil your mortgage or cost you your job. Go start a business with no risk.

Jim Beach Episode 168: Entrepreneurship is NOT about passion

1 Simple Thing Action:
Think hard and answer one question; “Would I rather go to Disney World with my family or be at work?”

Jim Beach Episode 169: The BIG Secret to Making BIG Money

1 Simple Thing Action:
Look around you for problems. If you start paying attention you will find that people talk about their problems all the time. You will see problems around you everywhere if that’s what you look for. Then create a business to solve those problems and people with THROW money at you.

Mentioned In Episode:

The book Jim’s wife used to start a business for under $500 and netted $68,000 in profit the first year.


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