Episode 172: How Do Others See You?


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Author Dorie Clark talks about how to discover what others think of you and understand your personal brand. The goal in enhancing your professional life is first understanding how other people see you and then reinventing you so that it really comes as close as possible to the way you would like to be seen and known by others.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Conduct the “three questions” exercise with a group of people. Choose people who have a decent sense of who you are and ask them the question: “If you only had 3 words to be able to describe me what would they be?” Write it down and see what you can learn from the responses.

Mentioned In Episode:

“Reinventing You” exercises:

Creating your own focus group. Invite a dozen friends, or people who know you, and have a friend moderate the session asking open ended questions to get the participants to really talk about you, and what they know about you, while you sit in the corner as an impartial observer. The objective is for you to get a sense of the untapped potential you might have, or discover the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think about you.

The 3 questions exercise. Ask a dozen or more people you know this simple question: “If you only had 3 words to be able to describe me, what would they be?” The objective is to learn the first thing that comes to mind for them as they answer the question. It’s useful because you’ll be able to see pattern and trends in what people are saying. It often is not necessarily what you expect, so you can really learn a great deal about what people think makes you distinctive.


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