Episode 190: Your Amazon Business, Part 5

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Skip McGrath talks about his personal tips and experiences outlined in his book, “The Complete Amazon Marketing System.” He also shares 16 years of knowledge that will guide you how to set up an Amazon selling business from home that is successful and could potentially earn you a 6-figure income.

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Episode 186: How To Set Up an Amazon Selling Business

1 Simple Thing Action:
Find a good book or training program before you start, like Skip McGrath’s Complete Amazon Marketing System.

Episode 187: Your Amazon Business, Part 2

1 Simple Thing Action:
Set up and organizing your business by deciding on a business name, getting your sales tax number and opening a business bank account.

Episode 188: Your Amazon Business, Part 3

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Become a Pro Seller so you can create unique listings and get into Private Labeling.

Episode 189: Your Amazon Business, Part 4

1 Simple Thing Action:
Don’t delay – If you want to start your business you have to START your business. Get some training, read some books. Get some basic knowledge of what you are doing, source your products, and just start doing it.


Skip Mcgrath

  • eBay and Amazon Trainer
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  • Online Seller, Selling online since 1999

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