Episode 463: Manifesting the Dream

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Steve Rodgers says we have to realize that fear is part of the equation. No matter what we do in life, if it has any substance; is going to push, excite, and thrill us; or will help modify or change our lives, it typically has some fear attached to it. Just realize that fear is part of the process. Once you recognize the fear, the quicker you can break through it and find the power that is on the other side of fear. You should even be excited when fear shows up because it means you are getting closer to what you are supposed to be doing.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Find your inner happiness and joy. Find out your calling in life. Get into the habit of thinking about it more often within the big picture of your life. Each day ask yourself and journal, “What can I be curious about that will get me to my real passion? And what can I do to challenge myself to start taking action steps to start fueling that desire further?”


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