9 Virtual Mentors Who Have Inspired Me On My Journey

Anyone who says entrepreneurship is easy is trying to sell you something.

There is just no easy way to your dreams. Sure, there are the few who hit gold on their first try, but for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, the road is narrow, winding, uphill, treacherous, and scary.

You will be tempted to quit. The allure of a steady paycheck can appear as a siren song, luring you away from your dreams.

You will make mistakes. Each journey has its unique challenges, and just like getting married or having kids, there will always be room to adjust your strategies and expectations.

But, having said all that, if you are born to be an entrepreneur, there is no other way to live. If you thrive on the uncertain, crave the freedom, and have the passion to persevere, you can (and will) reach your dreams.

Along the way, there are those who will encourage and instruct you. You will hear their words, learn from there experience, grow from their wisdom. We are never so smart that we do not need a teacher.

This is a list of nine folks who have helped me along my journey. Their podcasts and blogs have been a source of ideas and inspiration to me and encouraged me to keep striving and climbing to my destination.

As a way of thanking them, I want to tell you about them and encourage you to check out their work. Perhaps they will help encourage and teach you as well.

Gary Vaynerchuk

ask_garyvee_template_Podcast_1400Gary is a voice of reason and sanity in a world full of fluff. He tells it like it is in a way that motivates and inspires you to action. We all have misconceptions. We all have times when we wish things were easier or different. Gary reminds me every day through his social media posts to cut the crap and do the work.

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Pat Flynn

SPI podcastI first considered doing my own podcast when I listened to Pat Flynn’s show. He’s a guy who became successful because he had to. Laid off from his job as an architect, Pat created a successful business and platform out of nothing. His experiences along the way, coupled with his vulnerability to share his successes and failures have taught me so much. If there’s a reason I’m doing a podcast, it’s because of Pat Flynn.

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John Lee Dumas

JLD is another person who, along the opening days of my path, inspired me with his story. He was a real estate guy who consumed podcasts each day in his car. He just decided one day, “I could do that.” And he did. His meteoric rise was evidence to me and others that there is great possibility in the world of podcasting. Like Pat Flynn, his willingness to share the up’s and down’s along the journey have given me a target to aim for.

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Jeff Brown

read_to_lead_Jeff is a former radio guy like me who has made the successful transition to podcasting and online marketing. His professionalism has challenged me to take my game to the next level and help create the standard by which all podcasts should be judged. His ability as an interviewer is second to none, and the content he extracts from his guests is full of rich wisdom that will help anyone become a better version of whoever they want to be.

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Michael Hyatt

HyattMichael is the gold standard when it comes to teaching and living online success. His blog and podcast have trained and inspired millions of people who are looking to launch out and pursue their dreams. His willingness to share the tricks and strategies he’s used to create an enormous platform are helping me and others every day. Previously in this article I said, “If there’s a reason I’m doing a podcast, it’s because of Pat Flynn.” If there’s a reason I WANTED to do a podcast, it’s because of Michael Hyatt.

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Amy Porterfield

PorterfieldAs a former associate to the legendary Tony Robbins, Amy has a deep level of experience and expertise in starting and growing an online business. Now on her own, Amy has established herself as an expert in online marketing, business growth and personal development. Her personable teaching style makes it easy to understand the complexities of online marketing. I turn on her podcast and soak up the wisdom like a sponge.

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Erik Fisher

Erik FIsherErik’s podcast has become one of the industry standards in the world of productivity. Between his awesome guests and the wisdom he’s learned along the way, Erik has been a constant stream of ideas and motivation for me to take my productivity to the next level. I had the honor of Erik appearing as a guest on my show (Listen Here), and am so grateful for the investment he’s made in my life, both as a guest and as a teacher.

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Jeff Sanders

5am miracleJeff Sanders is one of those guys who is so energetic and positive, you can’t help wanting to follow and emulate him. His podcast has now been developed into a book by the same name, and it’s full of his experience and advice on how to take your life to the next level. I’m still not getting up at 5am each day, but he has challenged me to be more intentional about my mornings and my days. Jeff is one of those “lead by example” guys who will challenge you by his authentic life and daily habits. I also had the honor of having Jeff on my podcast. (Listen Here)

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James Altucher

altucherThis guy is a genius. James’ blog and podcast are probably the biggest influence in my business life right now. James has climbed the mountain, then slid back down to the bottom, then climbed it again. His vulnerability to say, “I failed and lost it all, and here’s why,” is an encouragement to me. I feel like have been a “one step forward, two steps back” guy for a good portion of my life, and James has constantly reminded me that it’s never to late to make up for lost time and opportunities.

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These are just a few of the people who have inspired me along the way. My hope is that you will check them out and allow their wisdom and encouragement help you in your journey as well.

I’m not saying you won’t have to climb, struggle, and do the work, but these folks have been instrumental in both pointing the way to the top, plus acting as a lighthouse when I lose my way.

Thanks to all of you!

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  • Jeff Brown July 21, 2016, 4:37 pm

    Wow Dave. I’m truly honored to be mentioned here.

    First, because you thought highly enough of my work to mention me among these other names. But, more importantly, to think I’ve encouraged and inspired you along the way is about as humbling as it gets. That I will cherish that.

    • dave@ibelievemedia.com July 22, 2016, 1:29 pm

      Thanks Jeff. Very kind. The honor is all mine.


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