Episode 499: Rebuilding Trust

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Michelle Reina says the vast majority of compromised and damaged trust are small and subtle, and they can have an accumulative impact. There is a myriad of small, subtle ways that trust gets compromised: a single act, a single misstep. And a pattern of these breaches of trust that add up over time, we begin damaging the health of our relationships.

We rebuild trust when we start to reframe those experiences. We consider the bigger picture or extenuating circumstances, and we give the benefit of the doubt to the person who hurt us or let us down. And we always have to take responsibility for how we respond, how we move forward, and how we forgive ourselves and others.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Ask for the other person’s side – gain the “surround sound.” When there has been a hurt, disappointment or letdown, before we jump to judgment and declare others (or ourselves) wrong, take just a moment and consider the extenuating circumstances. What else was at play that might have contributed to what was said? Or what was done that created this vulnerability? And what can we learn from that perspective we gain that will help us forgive and move forward?


Michelle Reina

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