Episode 325: Rewrite Your Story

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We all have a story. Every person, experience and thought in our lives has been a part of that story. But what if your story is limiting you? What if your past is keeping you from your future? On today’s episode, Dave Kirby has some thoughts for you on beginning a new story…one that is full of all the good you have wished for.

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 321: Thoughts Control Feelings

1 Simple Thing Action:
Notice how you feel throughout the day and ask yourself, “What thoughts am I thinking right now?” Pay attention to your thoughts. Listen to the chatter in your mind. What kind of thoughts are you thinking and how do they match up in the outside picture of the world? Catch yourself when you think a negative thought and see if you can “turn it around” in the moment. When you catch yourself, and you hear that chatter in your mind, ask yourself; “Is this the message I want to match?” If it’s not, then you have to start easing yourself into a new story. Really start to pay attention, get really aware as often as you can.

Episode 322: Change Your Inner Voice

1 Simple Thing Action:
Create a short, positive, phrase that makes you feel good and say it over and over and over during the day. Create that momentum “intentionally” and how you do that is through feeling good and getting your thoughts in alignment. If you could make a shift in your thinking a half a percent of the time, you start to see change.

Episode 323: What’s Your Story?

1 Simple Thing Action:
Catch yourself telling self-defeating stories and rewrite them in a way you’d like to see them instead. Use the powerful word “but” in a transitory statement. For example: “I am shy BUT I’m meeting all the right people at the right time,” or, “I’m procrastinating BUT I’m getting better all the time.” Use the powerful word “but” every time you catch yourself thinking a self-defeating thought where you normally want to beat yourself up.

Episode 324: Create Positive Expectations

1 Simple Thing Action:
Write on a piece of paper what you want in your life and then list all the reasons why you expect it to happen. The reasons all start with the word “because.” Write out and fill the page with all those because statements, both tangible and non-tangible.


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